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Third Party Logistics

Dangerous Goods PDL is able to offer its customers a complete Supply chain management solution along with other value added services for distribution, import logistics, cross docking, pick and pack fulfilment operations.

With its shared-warehouse locations in Jebal ali and Dubai cargo Village and the upcoming DWC airport, PDL is able to offer its customers a choice of warehouse’s which gives access to many strategically located markets in the middle east and UAE.

Expertly trained staff and ready-to-go technologies assist PDL’s customers to maintain high flexibility and high cost efficiency. Since we own and operate our properties, our customers can always walk away when demand subsides.

PDL’s Third Party Logistics was initiated with the aim to facilitate our consumer goods manufacturing companies to have their consolidated stockholding hub in UAE to support deliveries to various markets in the Middle East such as Iran, Southern CIS, Indian subcontinent and the African Sub continent.

PDL’s 3PL logistics services give our customers, A single source for distribution and transportation needs, Immediate flexibility to manage peak demand, state-of-the-art warehouse and inventory management systems, temperature-controlled and refrigerated space if needed and the bottom-line value of paying only for the space and warehousing services our customers use.


Our 3PL services include

  • Import, Export & Transit supply chain management.
  • Accurate inventory management system.
  • Pick & Pack Operations.
  • Deconsolidate & Deliver Operations
  • Repacking, labelling and documentation.
  • Temperature controlled storage facilities.
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